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'14 Royals meet '07 Rockies? MT @jtomase W. Series prediction: Giants in 4. Royals are hot, yet mediocre team. Those eventually get exposed
14 m
Try 1996. RT @sam_amick New Yorkers, need some help here: best place to take in a World Series game in your fine city?
23 m
Muzzin expected to see doctor later today said he should be good to go
23 m
Seattle Times
And maybe that's why the trade happened on a Friday.
24 m
Seattle Times
Lots of Seahawks links and notes, including that Seattle paid Percy Harvin for last week:
24 m
Heh heh ... RT @RobertPriceKABB Would be fun if the media also handed out an award for the LEAST cooperative player. kinda like the Razzies.
24 m
Not sure, but Hammon did sink a one-handed, underhand toss from midcourt that got the peanut gallery buzzing. RT @JavierBarrera9 So who won?
24 m
The one bright spot: Manu says he believes his conditioning will be where it needs to be for opener. Rest of his game will take some time.
26 m
The fact that Manu often has to talk about going 1 for 11 for 10 minutes in two different languages should count for bonus points, I think.
27 m
Dirk Nowitzki won it last year, and I can't argue with that.
28 m
The Magic Johnson award, btw, is meant to signify a star-caliber player who goes above and beyond in cooperation with the media.
28 m
Real Madrid C.F.
Termina la conferencia de prensa de @MrAncelotti #LIVvsRealMadrid #RMLive
28 m
Says he's like a BBQ grill that hasn't been cleaned in 10 years. At that point, you just buy a new grill. Not an option with his body.
29 m
Real Madrid C.F.
.@MrAncelotti: "Balotelli tiene calidad para competir al máximo nivel" #LIVvsRealMadrid #RMLive
29 m
Real Madrid C.F.
End of @MrAncelotti's presser. Check out all the build-up to #LIVvsRealMadrid on
29 m
Real Madrid C.F.
.@MrAncelotti: "It's not easy to compare Balotelli to @Cristiano but he is young and talented. He always has the desire to play well."
29 m
Manu says this summer was longest break without any sort of hoops, even pickup, since maybe after Beijing in '08. As rusty as he's ever been
30 m
Seven minutes of Manu after lengthy NBA meeting, a night after going 1 for 11. How this guy has never won the Magic Johnson award escapes me
33 m

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