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Joseph Goodman - Miami Heat Reporter

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Miami Heat
Get all articles and updates from Joseph Goodman, local Miami sports reporter covering the Miami Heat for the Miami Herald. Check out Joseph Goodman's thoughts, commentary and analysis on the latest in basketball news and updates.
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Great reporting and writing here by @powellnyt on watching Game 7 with Bumgarner's dad. #chockablock
2 h
Love stories like these. Great reporting on one of those moments that makes the @NBA special. @oppenodom @DannyJMoran
20 h
Do Ryan Anderson! Do Ryan Anderson! RT @steventurous Lawful evil rogue Kobe Bryant.
2 d
A story about Chris Bosh, apple pie and the American Dream.
2 d projects Bosh to score 18.0 points per 36 minutes this season. Justin Hamilton is as at 14.6. So...
2 d
#Heat center Chris Bosh doesn't like talking to his teammates, or anyone else for that matter, but he's trying.
3 d
Miami Heat season preview: LeBron-less #Heat will begin relearning how to play basketball on Wednesday.
5 d
Fancy RT @ThatNBAPick Chris Bosh hits no-look circus shot against Houston Rockets:
9 d
Today's column: When two former college stars busted for gambling play against each other for an NBA coach.
11 d
.@MiamiHEAT @SFSkyforce Tryout for the Sioux Falls Skyforce. Tell everyone you once fouled Teddy Dupay.
14 d
Questions linger around Shabazz Napier like winter humidity in Miami:
15 d
An unheralded #Heat rookie is quickly turning into a fan favorite.
18 d
A night in Rio proved one thing: James isn't universally loved outside Miami for leaving the #Heat.
19 d
For the first time in more than four years, the Heat is staring into the LeBron fishbowl, and the view is humbling.
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