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Dan Kolko - Washington Nationals Reporter

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Washington Nationals
Get all articles and updates from Dan Kolko, local Washington sports reporters covering the Washington Nationals for the Check out Dan Kolko's thoughts, commentary and analysis on the latest in baseball news and updates.
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A look at the progress being made thanks to the Nats' Youth Baseball Academy. Some great people doing important work
103 d
ICYMI, here are Sunday's in-game chats w/ Roark (, Gio (, Giolito (
136 d
Denard Span had many special moments as a Nat, but him getting a standing O to end the '14 season was one of my favs
202 d
Nice, generous gesture by Max and Erica Scherzer, donating $10,000 to help offset losses in the Salvation Army theft
224 d
Here's an early look at the site in West Palm Beach that will become the Nats' and Astros' new spring training home
226 d
Here's...something: Two Nats starters - Gio (Meow!) and Max (No-No #1) - are up for "Best MLB Interview" from 2015
279 d
A fantastic read about the Nationals' Youth Baseball Academy, doing real good in Ward 7.
299 d
Will be doing a live video chat on somewhere around 2:30pm. Send in questions!
356 d
Source: It's raining. It might stop raining soon. (My source is It can be your source, too.)
390 d
For those wanting weather info: It's raining & the tarp is on the field. The rest I get from, just like you #SassyDan
420 d
This is a terrific piece on Johan Santana's 134-pitch no-hitter, what it means to him, & how it haunts Terry Collins
423 d
This is so f------ good. RT @jasongay: 77 Words You Can't F------ Say in Baseball
463 d
Wowwy wow wow. RT @HardballTalk: Video: Steven Souza hit the season’s longest homer last night
470 d
Watch this Andrelton Simmons play from last night. And then watch it again. And again. Just stupid good.
474 d
Really cool piece here from @ctrent on how Reds catcher Devin Mesoraco had his bats made from trees on his own land
477 d
This gave me goosebumps. RT @Ken_Rosenthal: This is fantastic. Will get you fired up for Opening Day.
482 d
"You get the ball in the air here, it's gonna travel to right field today." Hahaha. Right. It was the wind.
487 d
Really enjoyed this @Kurkjian_ESPN piece on the wild play that nearly made Game 7 of the World Series unforgettable
490 d
In case you missed it, you can watch the video meow RT @Nationals: "And 2015 looks great right #meow" -@GioGonzalez47
505 d
“Do you want to be a part of a miracle?" My God, what a story about a Michigan player who survived two plane crashes
536 d

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