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Dan Kolko - Washington Nationals Reporter

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Washington Nationals
Get all articles and updates from Dan Kolko, local Washington sports reporter covering the Washington Nationals for the Check out Dan Kolko's thoughts, commentary and analysis on the latest in baseball news and updates.
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More on where things stand between the Nats and Jordan Zimmerman, Ian Desmond and Tyler Clippard
12 d
Yesterday, Vin Scully turned 87. In Sept., I got to meet him before a game. It was a convo I'll remember for a while
22 d
On if he took PEDs, A-Rod's response time after time after time: "No." In Jan., on if he took PEDs: You betcha.
47 d
I said last night I wanted an MLB "One Shining Moment". Well, MLB Network put one together. What a postseason it was.
53 d
Zimmerman is not in Nats' Game 3 lineup. This might be some of the reasoning why Williams stuck with his normal eight
77 d
Matt Williams looks back on his 9th-inning managing last night."I kicked myself...but we have a reason for that move"
78 d
Another great piece by @barrysvrluga on how Nats travel, and the guys behind the scenes who help make it all happen
91 d
I got a chance to play Fungo Golf with Matt Williams last homestand. What the heck is that, you ask? Check it out:
94 d
Here are a few moments from last night's champagne celebration that stand out in my mind a day later:
96 d
If you've never seen this ESPN story of the man in the red bandana, watch it. If you've seen it, watch it again.
102 d
Players will wear "K Cancer" shirts on field for BP today. I got one. You should, too. Proceeds go to cancer research
111 d
I really think "make people cry" is in Tom Rinaldi's job description. Another fantastic piece, on Pete Frates and ALS
126 d
I'm no weatherman, but I do have access to And it sure looks like rain will hit Citi Field tonight. #analysis
132 d
Planning on wearing this shirt on the air tonight: Big series, big fashion statement. Don't say I'm not doing my part
136 d
The Braves are really struggling and are about to hit a brutal stretch of their schedule. Can Nats take advantage?
140 d
Tyler Clippard has made his second All-Star Game. "I think it's a necessity to have the Curly W out there."
162 d
Former #Nats reliever. Had 8 BBs in 1 2/3 IP at Triple-A. RT @mlbtraderumors: White Sox Release Henry Rodriguez
162 d
For those unaware of how to vote for Anthony Rendon in the Final Vote, go to, text "N3" to 89269 or tweet #VoteRendon
168 d
Kevin Frandsen visited the Children's National Medical Center Tues. He explained why those trips are important to him
173 d

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